Imposter Syndrome Coaching

Conquer Your Imposter™ my transformational 12 week Coaching program for high performing Women. Next Coaching intake, April 2024. 


What is Coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative & empowering process that encourages and supports you to be the greatest version of yourself. 

My role is to help you identify, execute and ultimately achieve the goals you desire, whilst keeping you accountable to yourself. 

I draw upon my expertise as a Certified Coach, Imposter Syndrome & Confidence Expert, Neuroscience and Brain health student and former Corporate Leader and I use practiced and science based (evidence backed) techniques to help you navigate challenges and emerge more confident & successful. 

What can you expect from Coaching?

Conquer Your Imposter™ is a transformational coaching program to help you conquer Imposter Syndrome, fear and doubt, transform your Confidence and take back control of your Success in 12 weeks or less. 

It is a co-creative, psychologically safe, uplifting and practical experience expertly led by me.

I draw upon my expertise as a Certified Coach (Neuroscience & Brain Health) Imposter Syndrome & Confidence Expert,  and former Corporate Leader. And I use science based (evidence backed) techniques including my Imposter to Unstoppable™ proprietary 3 step brain based framework to help you navigate challenges and emerge more confident & successful. 

Conquer Your Imposter™ is a true hybrid learning experience and includes: LIVE 1:1 Coaching sessions, pre recorded content, coaching workbooks, tools and exercises all accessible 24/7 in a secure client portal. 

Upon completion of the program, you become a Conquer Your Imposter™ Alumni  and gain access to a wonderful cohort of equally ambitious and talented women in our Alumni community. 

Conquer Your Imposter™ spaces are strictly limited to 6 per month. The next available start date is April 2024. 

Alison’s coaching was pivotal in my transformation. She has helped me overcome Imposter Syndrome and become a more empowered medical leader. Now, I am writing a book, speaking on virtual stages with confidence, certainty and clarity and impacting the people around me. Most important of all, she taught me to own who I am without apology.
Dr Olivia
Medical Professional

Conquer Your Imposter™ is for you if:

You’re ready to step into your power, get out of your own way and achieve, own and celebrate the success you truly desire and deserve. 


All sessions delivered online via ZOOM.


60min deep dive into your desired goal – lights, camera, action! 


  • Online briefing form to be completed prior to the session 
  • 1 x 60min Coaching session  
  • Feedback form with key summary and action items  
  • Unlimited email access to me for 24 hours following the session  

Suitable for women who need help with: 

  • Building Confidence 
  • Breaking through a specific fear  
  • Career advancement including: 
    • Interview preparation and/or salary negotiation  
    • Effective Communication 
    • Navigating workplace persona’s (the good, the bad and the ugly) 
  • Goal setting & planning  


6 session intensive coaching program helping you cultivate confidence, conquer your fears and celebrate your success.  


  • Pre Coaching Discovery Questionnaire
  • 6 x 60min Coaching sessions delivered weekly or fortnightly over 6-12 weeks
  • Custom coaching tools, worksheets and feedback forms catered to your specific needs and goals
  • Unlimited email access to me Monday-Friday for the entire 6-12 weeks (your Coach at your fingertips!)

Suitable for women who are looking to:

  • Transform their Confidence
  • Dismantle Imposter Syndrome, Fear or Self Doubt
  • Develop the Mindset and Habits they need to be successful
  • Build an unforgettable and influential Personal Brand
Alison's Coaching on Imposter Syndrome is Life Changing.
Marketing Director
I worked with Alison during the 2020 lockdown and it was one of the few good things to come out of that period. Having Alison in your corner is empowering and motivational because she holds you accountable to your goals and drives you to improve. Sometimes at work when I am dealing with an issue, I reflect on WWAD? – what would Alison do? (or encourage me to do?!). She has helped me reframe and compartmentalise issues at work and this has allowed me to deal with conflict or difficult issues in a less emotional (and far more effective) way. Would highly recommend the coaching program to anyone who is transitioning in a role, starting a new job, struggling in an existing job…..well anyone really. You will come out the other end much more confident and empowered. 
Dr Sarah
Emergency Medicine
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